I wish to share the thoughts I have gathered these past few years in my journey of wayfinding (meditations, life lessons, reflections) from various personalities and ways of life. I feel that it is necessary more than ever to find solace in words and with others. Some might be able to pick a perspective or thought for a new habit, to finally jump in and just to it, it could also illuminate a way towards another journey or a career choice or life decision but in the end, the only constant is change.

I’ve been thinking of sharing these reflections with hopes that it may help someone through these tough times, I am still thinking of a name for this practice (possibly Philosophy Fridays? or Thoughts101? ), I’ll leave it as a mere idea for now.

One of the topics that made me start is finding one’s way as this is something constantly asked and answered, as this might be a good conversation starter to begin this series as well. Who knows as this may push one toward a path that is less traveled.

Spark up a conversation, I’m open to any feedback to improve this! :)

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